Curated Shipping News

These are the news items that I have curated during the monitoring of the API space that have some relevance to the Shipping conversation and I wanted to include in my research. I am using all of these links to better understand how the space is defining not just their APIs, but their schema, and other moving parts of their API operations.

UPS has been quietly delivering cargo using self (08-15-2019)
Key by Amazon is not just about deliveries (01-09-2019)
Uber partner reveals air taxi design at CES (01-07-2019)
Robot delivery dogs deployed by self (01-07-2019)
Amazon's Key delivery service is coming to businesses (01-07-2019)
Tired of going to the grocery store? In Arizona, a robot (12-19-2018)
Kroger adds driverless vehicles to its grocery delivery fleet (12-18-2018)
Air France (11-23-2018)
BlueCargo optimizes stacks of containers for maximum efficiency (11-23-2018)
Volvo Trucks has introduced an autonomous service (VLVLY) (11-23-2018)
Increasing penetration of APIs fuels rise of Freight.Tech 25 winner project44 (11-16-2018)
Guide to Ensuring Your Multi (07-10-2018)
SupplyBlocs On (06-01-2018)
Is it time to take the Hyperloop seriously? (03-04-2018)
UPS is building its own fleet of electric delivery trucks (02-22-2018)
XPO Logistics Rolls Out New API Web Integration Technology (02-20-2018)
A self (02-14-2018)
Echo implements p44 APIs for LTL connectivity (02-14-2018)
TomTom On (02-08-2018)
An API To Track Packages, Payments (12-21-2017)
Microsoft Tackles Vehicle Fleet Management With New Bing Map APIs (12-19-2017)
UPS is Teslas latest electric semi (12-19-2017)
project44 Launches State (12-18-2017)
UPS bets on blockchain as the future of the trillion (12-15-2017)
Rio de Janeiro to open taxi app API (12-07-2017)
Get logistical with the Bing Maps APIs (12-05-2017)
Get logistical with the Bing Maps APIs (12-05-2017)
Autonomous trucking startup TuSimple raises $55 million (12-04-2017)
Project44 enhances truckload visibility tool (11-15-2017)
Connectivity startup to use SMC LTL visibility APIs (11-15-2017)
Connectivity startup to use SMC LTL visibility APIs (11-15-2017)
project44 rolls out new truckload visibility offering (11-14-2017)
project44 rolls out new truckload visibility offering (11-14-2017)
A look into the future of freight shipping, autonomous trucking, connected cars, AI in logistics & consumer deliveries (11-08-2017)
V (11-08-2017)
Freight Management Systems Selects Thriftly and Microsoft Azure for Building Cloud API Platform (11-03-2017)
Elon Musk has ambitious plans for his tunneling company here's what we know (TSLA) (11-01-2017)
Logistically Partners with SMC3 to Augment API's with RateWare XL and CarrierConnect XL (10-25-2017)
Logistically Partners with SMC3 to Augment API's with RateWare XL and CarrierConnect XL (10-25-2017)
FedEx Freight names project44 as primary API provider DC Velocity (10-14-2017)
FedEx Freight names project44 as primary API provider (10-13-2017)
SMC expands API relationship with MercuryGate, launches new pricing API (10-11-2017)
releases less (10-10-2017)
The SkyWise Forecast Process (10-06-2017)
DropBuddies Delivery API Brings On (09-26-2017)
Dropbuddies Delivery API (09-26-2017)
Nigeria's DropBuddies releases API for software developers (09-25-2017)
Tesla plans to unveil its all (09-13-2017)
Tesla semi truck unveil event tentatively set for October 26 (09-13-2017)
Equifax Secret PIN Controversy Exemplifies The Need For Rate Limits (09-13-2017)
Postal Service needs to capitalize on API user data, report says (09-11-2017)
Spire Launches Two New Maritime Analytics Products (08-30-2017)
Chevin Fleet Solutions launches API for FleetWave maintenance product (08-22-2017)
Baron announces Baron Weather API for Fleet (08-22-2017)
Chevin launches new API tool, responding to 'user (08-18-2017)
New API for FleetWave (08-17-2017)
Chevin Launches New API Tool to Enhance Integration Opportunities for its Fleet Management Software (08-17-2017)
MGN uses SimpliShip API integration (08-10-2017)
MGN uses SimpliShip API integration (08-10-2017)
The Container Industry's New Crypto Currency Explained (08-06-2017)
Geographer makes maps that reveal river networks as veins (08-04-2017)
Uber Freight schedules loads for truck drivers in six more states (08-03-2017)
Uber Freight expands to multiple new markets and adds new features (08-03-2017)
Flow of goods between states (08-02-2017)
300cubits: Container crypto currency (08-02-2017)
Addressing unjust US surveillance policies (07-30-2017)
Amazon launches The Hub locker delivery system for apartment buildings (07-28-2017)
Amazon is thinking about using its delivery drones to scan your house to sell you more stuff (AMZN) (07-26-2017)
Remotely hacking ships shouldn't be this easy, and yet ... (07-18-2017)
Welp, even ships are hackable now (07-18-2017)
Intelligent Monitoring, Reporting and Verification Platform for Ships (07-10-2017)
USPS tracking API TrackingMore (06-23-2017)
#DataNews: Transparency in Texas, DCs Water Data Portal, & Smart City Innovations (06-08-2017)
Danelec Marine platform links ships to the Internet of Things (05-30-2017)
Using IoT to solve the problems of the freight industry (05-23-2017)
This Norwegian company wants to change the way we ship products with an all (05-18-2017)
Automate the Freight: Drones Across the Sea (04-20-2017)
Mercator releases first cargo ecosystem app (03-16-2017)
project44 Launches connectNG Platform and Refreshed Core Services API (02-23-2017)
Xeneta raises $12M Series B to crack open ocean freight pricing (02-08-2017)
Ntt Data Disrupts Procurement (02-07-2017)
Aljex, MyFreightWorld Announce Discounted LTL Rates (10-13-2016)
JDA focuses on microservices (09-29-2016)
McLeod integrates project44 APIs for LTL (09-19-2016)
Shippo raises $7 million to further its goal of being Twilio for shipping (09-09-2016)
Native support for taxes and shipping (06-20-2016)
Shippers and carriers cite challenges in transition to new data exchange (06-20-2016)
Bringing Transparency, Visibility to NDC Deployments (06-03-2016)
Postmen (05-12-2016)
Amazon?s Alexa voice assistant can finally track, you know, Amazon packages (05-11-2016)
Shippo Adds Tracking API to Expose Shipment Tracking Data (02-27-2016)
Bookmark and Share Email this page EMAIL Print this page PRINT Videotel?s new API enables integration with crew management software (01-29-2016)
USPS Tracking Queries to Its Package Tracking Website (05-22-2015)
USPS WooCommerce Shipping and Label (Shipping) (03-15-2015)
Shipwire V3 UI Upgrade (02-27-2015)
ComFreight Launches API to Automate Freight Bidding and Load Matching (02-16-2015)

These are curated as part of my daily work to understand what is happening across the space, and I regularly use them to track on what has occurred overtime, and include them in my guides, whitepapers, and other outputs.

Shipping Companies and Organizations

These are the organizations I come across in my research who are doing interesting things in the API space. They could be companies, institutions, government agencies, or any other type of organizational entity. My goal is to aggregate so I can stay in tune with what they are up to and how it impacts the API space.


Stay connected to global trade, sustainability & logistics. Tweets by the UPS Social Team. Questions about a package? Just ask @UPSHelp.


Shipping - Logistics Management - Supply Chain Management from FedEx Corporation: offers a complete suite of online services for shipment preparation, package tracking, shipment rates and tools tailored to the needs of international shippers ...

U.S. Postal Service

Welcome to Find information on our most convenient and affordable shipping and mailing services. Use our quick tools to find locations, calculate prices, look up a Zip Code, and get Track & Confirm info.


AfterShip is an automated tracking solution and API for eCommerce. Support tracking 460 international couriers worldwide.


The worlds largest and most trusted transportation marketplace. We make shipping the big stuff easy!

Canada Post

Mail letters, ship parcels, market your business or sell from your online store with Canada Post. We have personal services for individuals and business services for business of all sizes.


EasyPost is the simple shipping API for the UPS API, USPS API, Fedex API, DHL API, and more. Compare rates, buy postage, track packages, verify addresses, and more.

GoMobileIQ Headlight

The smarter way to plan routes. Perfect for small business owners, service managers and individuals. Headlight combines online mapping, routing, email and customers notifications into a single online application. It’s a smarter way to quickly plan effi...


We are the original LTL experts with comprehensive North American coverage and a broad portfolio of expedited and specialized LTL freight shipping services.


Shippo is a multi-carrier shipping API and Dashboard for Ecommerce, Platforms, and Marketplaces. Automate shipping via USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL & many others.


Designed for production shipping environments, ρaccurate is lightning fast, completing most requests in 100ms or less. A single, flexible API call can be used in any project or workflow. More accurate shipping estimates. By precisely simulating how your product will be packed, you can avoid over-estimating shipping, which reduces shopping cart abandonment. Speed up the pick and pack process. Turn warehouse staff into smooth operators- ρaccurate can generate a helpful pack list and visual instructions—and even generate intelligent pick zones on the fly. Let paccurate determine the cheapest box configuration. When business is booming, every cent counts. Use ρaccurate to find the optimal way of packing each parcel and pallet and avoid costly mistakes.

  • Post

Ship Station

ShipStation is a web-based shipping solution that streamlines the order fulfillment process for your online business. ShipStation consolidates orders from over 70 ecommerce channels, creates shipping labels, packing slips, and pick lists in batch, communicates tracking information to your customers, provides endless automation, filters, and views, wireless printing, a mobile app, and a lot more. 

  • Add Funds
  • Add Tag to Order
  • Assign User to Order
  • Create Label for Order
  • Create Shipment Label
  • Create Warehouse
  • Create/Update Multiple Orders
  • Create/Update Order
  • Deactivate Store
  • Delete Order
  • Get Carrier
  • Get Customer
  • Get Order
  • Get Product
  • Get Rates
  • Get Store
  • Get Store Refresh Status
  • Get Warehouse
  • Hold Order Until
  • List Carriers
  • List Customers
  • List Fulfillments w/o parameters
  • List Fulfillments with parameters
  • List Marketplaces
  • List Orders by Tag
  • List Orders w/o parameters
  • List Orders with parameters
  • List Packages
  • List Products w/o parameters
  • List Products with parameters
  • List Services
  • List Shipments w/o parameters
  • List Shipments with parameters
  • List Stores
  • List Tags
  • List Users
  • List Warehouses
  • List Webhooks
  • Mark an Order as Shipped
  • Reactivate Store
  • Refresh Store
  • Register Account
  • Remove Tag from Order
  • Restore Order from On Hold
  • Subscribe to Webhook
  • Unassign User from Order
  • Unsubscribe to Webhook
  • Update Product
  • Update Store
  • Update Warehouse
  • Void Label


NxtPort opens the gates to the Port of the future. This project is a milestone in the digitalization of logistics and cargo.

  • Assign
  • Block
  • Create
  • Create a new Container
  • Create an Event
  • Create pickup
  • Create release
  • Details
  • Get all coordinates
  • Get Companies
  • Get Companies
  • Get Companies Name Name
  • Get Companies Pcs Pcs
  • Get Companies Vat Vat
  • Get container events
  • Get Coordinates
  • Get Countries
  • Get Countries Code Subdivisions
  • Get Countries Country Code Subdivisions Code
  • Get Countries Countrycode
  • Get Expected Vessels
  • Get Locations
  • Get Locations Latitude Longitude Radius
  • Get Locations Locode
  • Get Stay
  • Get VERMAS Files
  • Get Vessels In Port
  • List
  • List
  • List
  • List
  • List Containers
  • List PickupRights
  • Publish Device
  • Record delivery
  • Register organization
  • Register user
  • Release
  • Request
  • Retrieve available layers
  • Retrieve the city layer data for the specified layer, metric and date.
  • Retrieving supported metrics
  • Returns the file with corresponding blnumbers and containernumber.
  • Returns the file with corresponding blnumbers and senderID.
  • Returns the file with corresponding blnumbers and staynumber.
  • Revoke Assignment
  • Revoke Transfer
  • Transfer

Spire Global

Spire Global, Inc. is an American private company specializing in data gathered from a network of small satellites.

  • All Messages from Date/Time Window
  • Find Vessels Arriving Between Date/Time Window
  • Get Individual Vessel